Born in Caldwell, NJ and never left!
Began singing at a very young age, I think I was the only 5-year-old who knew how to use a record player. My mom sang to me all the time, and rather than listening to whatever it was that kids listen to, I was mesmerized by my grandmother's favorites (Glen Miller, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole), and my mom's favorites (Linda Ronstadt, Barbara Streisand, Elvis). I never knew I had a talent, I just thought everyone could sing, and I ALWAYS sang, sometimes I didn't even know I was doing it. By the time I reached middle school I had a few friends who took notice and used to request songs all the time. That's when I realized I had inherited a gift. Admitting that I had a gift was a much longer battle, I never wanted to participate in talent shows or the school musicals. The stage scared the crap out of me, not because I had a fear of performing (I sang all the time anyway but I wasn't looking for attention, I was just being me). What killed me was the confidence, when you step on stage you are making a statement before you even open your mouth, that you are worth hearing, and that was something that took a lot of self-convincing. It wasn't until high school when a friend asked me to perform with her that I agreed to a stage performance, and that was only because I was doing her a favor and I wouldn't be alone up there. The reaction that I received that night of the talent show was a Cinderella moment for me, I never wanted it to end. I fell in love


Some of my favorite shows/venues/festivals:

The Bitter End (my personal favorite - all the time)
Backstcratch Sessions (a lot of times)
LALM Series (a lot of times)
Bowery Electric opening for Bernie Worrell (PFunk/Talking Heads) - 12/23/12
NJPAC - Sounds of the City - 8/4/2011
Stone Pony opening for Rachael Yamagata 3/13/2009
Six Flags Great Adventure
Boro 6 Music Festival
Waterloo Village
Indie Music Night
(Princenton, NJ)
Kenny's Castaways
Balcony TV
Gorgeous New York

Performs with a variety of projects, including:

Best Day Ever - wedding, corporate, and special event band, performing for both ceremony (acoustic/stripped) and reception (full band with horn section). Contact for additional details and pricing.

Country Comfort - Cover band performing Top 40 country radio tunes

Big Sister - pop and soul covers from artists such as Sia, Adele, Tori Kelly, Paramore, Aretha, Joss Stone, James Morrison, and more.

Stephanie White and the Philth Harmonic - original indie/soul/pop music written by Stephanie White and Robbie LaFalce, Jr., performed by full band with horn section - visit https://www.facebook.com/PhilthHarmonic

Stephanie White - Acoustic covers by Stephanie White - contact here or visit https://www.facebook.com/StephWhiteMusic

3rd Valve Jazz - guest appearances with the band to perform jazz classics such as "At Last" and "Summertime" http://www.3rdvalve.net/index.aspx?content=home

The Jersey Soul Review - Soul cover band performing hits from artists such as Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, Joss Stone, and James Morrison https://www.facebook.com/events/135365203303903/





“The album title is brilliant, organic and spicy. And, it matches the murky, bluesy soul of Jersey 's Stephanie White & the Philth Harmonic (yes, it's pronounced "filth."). Her brand of soul draws easy Amy Winehouse comparisons and carries hints of Corrine Bailey Rae and Joss Stone.”
J. Matthew Cobb - Soultrack

"...this is an excellent album! The band is 'Knee Deep' into rock n' soul music."
Phil Rainone - Jersey Beat

"Their album, Knee Deep InSanity, combines many elements of jazz, blues and rock. Unlike other so-called fusion artists with a preference for a single musical style, The Philth Harmonic manages to merge all of these elements into a graceful and edgy symphony for the ears."
Anton Skerl - Pitt News

"Judging by the band name and album title alone, the album in question could just as easily be dirt punk or some terrible electro-metal hybrid. Instead, it’s a soul rock album, with enough funk to keep it, well, Jersey."
Patrick Slevin - The Aquarian